Chalk n Duster is a small, independent tutorial company that focuses critically on providing one-on-one as well as group lessons and course materials to deliver educational concepts which are easy to understand to help each student to gain academic success. The atmosphere at Chalk n Duster is educationally supportive to ensure each student levels are captured throughout the entire tutoring process.

Chalk n Duster helps deliver best possible educational experience to each student and their family. The sizes of the our class are kept small to ensure resourceful learning is achieved. Every week homework tasks both interesting and relevant are assigned to each student to help students understand what is delivered to them. The amount of homework assigned is tailored based on the “age and grade level” of each student.

We also ensure student parents are proactively involved/informed about the amount of homework assigned to their child/children and parents can also view the homework scores online. The results are also turned in with feedbacks and comments to the students/parents as quickly as possible. Our tutors are experienced and well trained and every student is given attention in detail.

The student can request a tutor if a specific topic needed to be taught. Students at Chalk n Dusters gain self-confidence over their tutorial period of time, can confidently give group presentations as well as gain measurable success. During examination time of the year, we begin revision to ensure students become well equipped and prepared for the exams which they might have skipped at school. We also cover important questions and answers and talk about how to approach these exam questions so that by the time students sit for their exams they are confident and able to score more marks.