We know that  is a crucial stage in a child’s education life. It is a time when good learning habits are developed, a love (or not!) of education is established and children begin to recognize their own strengths and weaknesses. We aim to provide a fun environment where children learn through first-hand experience and play, and start to take responsibility for their own learning. Through Key Stage 1, the English subject is designed to help pupils work towards being able to read reasonably quickly and puzzle out any new words that they encounter for themselves. They are also taught how to write in complete sentences.

In Mathematics, the focus is usually on being able to count, read and write numerals up to 100 and write in words up to the 20th digit. Students are also helped to understand the concepts of ‘more’ and ‘less’ (addition and subtraction), especially on a number line.

Key Stage 1 Science aims to develop the learner’s inquisitiveness and observation skills. It also requires students to be able to identify and classify certain things, in addition to collecting data.


We are committed in delivering highly professional and standard quality of education for ENGLISH, MATHS, SCIENCE, HISTORY, GEOGRAPHY ECONOMICS, ARTS & DESIGN, ACCOUNTANCY, BUSINESS STUDIES, RELIGIOUS STUDIES

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