A successful, brighter future is our aim we offer to our students. A strong, warm friendly classroom helps student’s benefit. Chalk n Dusters is also a safe place to secure, plan and grow your child.

One of the main reason which students are unable to understand during their school career is that not enough time was given to make them to understand things or maybe they didn’t have enough time to grasp in. This is where Chalk n Dusters fill in the gaps and make students understand which they were struggling at that time it is called “bridging the missing gaps.”

Some of the students starts losing their confidence or interest in a particular subject because they haven’t been taught properly at the beginning and that’s where we work and make students help gain back the confidence and make sure that the student understand it even better.

Chalk n Dusters helps students make clear and easy to understand and also find their own way of solving problems. We make sure that all the relevant topics are covered.

There is a proverb “All day work Makes Jack a dull boy” so what we do is in order to keep learning and improving we take a small session like playing a small game which is relevant to the subject taught in this way students mind also gets refreshed and will be eager to learn more.

At the end of the classroom sessions we also encourage parents to assess how our Tutors progressed or how are they in teaching the students. In this way even we are able to learn and improve from the feedback given by each parent.