School Holiday Camps

So what’s it all about?

It is that time of the year again where by now most of us will be tapping into our thinking box (and checking our wallet) on what is the best activity to offer our children. Our summer camp programmes are extremely fun and educational. The only thing that is different in our holiday camps are that we don't just stick to doing maths or typical english. We do a whole host of different subjects!   We do maths, English and science each day and further subjects around them. We want the children to learn and have lots and lots of fun! We have lots of content for all the subjects that works in parallel with the new national curriculum. These holiday camps are a really great way to give children a head start before the next term or academic year. They will do activities and learn things that will directly help them with their classroom learning, and we aim to teach all content in a fun and interesting way too!  

Do children work with others of a similar age?

Our camps are for 5-11 year olds! For most activities, we tend to split the children according to year group within each key stage. There are some activities which are more appropriate to mix ages for, but generally we keep them split. But it’s the school holidays, I want it to be a break from school, will they definitely have fun? Fun is what weʼre all about! Itʼs the holidays for us too. If it wasnʼt going to be fun....even weʼd stay at home! We seriously work hard to make fun a huge ingredient at our camps. Thereʼs tons of fun activities, competitions, games, prizes, laughs and new friends to be made. The camps fill up very quickly, make sure you book your space ASAP! We look forward to welcoming you. Please do not hesitate to contact is in case of questions or should you be interested in joining the program.

11+ Insentive Revision - Exam Technique mock exams

We will cover major topics of each subjects including any weak areas where your child is struggling. They will be taught exam strategies and how to think positively when faces with a difficult question
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Mental Maths

This camp will teach your child to think that maths is cool when they learn how to do it in different ways.

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Kids friendly Science experiment

Hands-on-projects that show practical application of scientific concepts and challenge your child to think.

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Handwriting Improvement

We teach student “How” to write. We teach and concentrate on the right way of writing, sitting, holding pen, creating and joining fonts.

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Creative Writing

Children will discover new forms of story writing, and realist their own writing potential under the guidance of our faculty.

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Computer & Coding

Programming camps teach children how to create games & animated stories that they can play on computer and share with their friends

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Arts and Crafts

Children will enjoy drawing,painting, cutting, crumpling, scrunching, threading, sticking, pasting, laughing and of course making new friends!